Wednesday, October 4

A lawsuit has been filed against the hospital for concealing the manner of death caused by a decapitated baby during childbirth.

A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday against a Georgia hospital and other involved in the birth by ‘decapitated’ infants, according to legal filings.

The complaint filed in Clayton County Georgia alleges that the Southern Regional Medical Center attempted to conceal the baby’s death from her family, including Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr.

According to the family attorney, the baby was delivered at full term and is named after his father. The medical center is located in Riverdale, which is about 13 miles south of downtown Atlanta.

The county medical examiner’s office has not released the cause of the baby’ death, but their director, Brian Byers, informed CNN that they are still working on the autopsy.

The lawsuit alleges that Ross went into labor on July 9 and her doctor attempted to deliver the baby through vagina using traction, among other methods.

The lawsuit alleges that the baby’s failure to descend properly during the attempted delivery was caused by shoulder dystocia, a condition that occurs when fetuses become trapped in the vaginal canal.

The complaint alleges that the physician did not adhere to medical practices, and caused severe head and neck trauma. Additionally, the doctor also neglected to perform a Cesarean section properly on time, leading to the death of Treveon Isaiah Taylor Jr.

Southern Regional Medical Center denied the allegations in the complaint that relates to the hospital, as stated in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon to CNN.

The family representative stated that hospital staff refused Ross and Taylor’s request to see and hold their baby, preventing them from touching or holding the child.

The family representative stated that the hospital staff allowed the young couple to view only their deceased child.

The statement indicated that their infant was wrapped in a blanket and had his head on top of his body, making it impossible for anyone to determine if he had been decapitated during the viewing.

Due to patient privacy laws and HIPAA regulations, the Southern Regional Medical Center was unable to discuss patient care and treatment with certain patients.

The medical center expressed its heartfelt condolences and compassion for the family and those affected by this tragic loss in their statement.

“Due to the ongoing litigation, we are unable to provide any additional information,” it says.

The hospital statement confirms that the physician who was involved in the delivery was not an employee of the hospital.

The lawsuit claims that negligence was the fault of the defendants, including the medical center and Dr. Tracey St. Julian. CNN did not respond to requests for comment regarding her private practice.

The legal action seeks a trial by judicial jury and demands compensation for the baby’s life, which includes lost earnings and expenses for funerals and burials.

Byers stated that the county medical examiner’s office plans to release a statement on its findings on Thursday.

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