Monday, October 2

A Rs 21 Lakh worth of gold was hidden with a rhodium coating at Hyderabad Airport.

The investigation is being augmented by additional data.

A passenger who had just arrived on an IndiGo flight from Sharjah on Monday was found to have approximately 370 grams of gold worth over 20 lakhs. The gold was discovered by customs officials at Hyderabad airport, which was hidden in a hair clip with rhodium. Other items on the luggage included 22 karat and 18 kilogram (US dollars) rings and jewel pendants valued at around R50,000.

The video was posted by the Handle of Hyderabad GST & Customs Zone on Twitter, which stated that “based on pax profiling and efficient surveillance, @hydcus officers at RGIA intercepted one pamphlet arriving from Sharjah via Indigo 6E 1422 on 21.8.23 and confiscated #gold weighing 397 gm worth Rs 20.59 lakhs.”

Check out the video by clicking here:

After utilizing effective surveillance and pax profiling techniques, the RGIA intercepted a group of individuals traveling by Indigo 6E 1422 from Sharjah on 21.8.23 and confiscated #gold worth Rs 20.59 lakhs.

CGST tweeted that a hair clip covered in rhodium and other jewelry, including 22kt and 18k gold rings, were discovered concealed in the baggage. The matter is currently being investigated.

Rhodium plating is a technique that involves applying rhodiolatum to jewelry to prevent damage. It also provides an elegant, reflective white color and helps protect against scratches. This is particularly common on white gold jewelry.

The investigation is being augmented by additional data.

A passenger from Jeddah was apprehended at Hyderabad Airport on May 16th for carrying 403 grams of gold worth over 21 lakh, as reported by Hyderabad Customs.

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