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According to authorities, two men have been arrested and taken into custody in connection with a fight that occurred along the Montgomery riverfront.


According to Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert, two men who were charged with third-degree assault in connection with a fight that occurred at skewed ends on Saturday at the riverfront dock in Montgomery, Alabama, have now surrendered to authorities.

Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, were apprehended by the police on Wednesday night. A third man was charged with two counts of third-degree assault in relation to the altercation, as noted by Albert, who also mentioned that Richard Roberts, 48, had been taken into custody.

According to authorities, the altercation between the individuals, identified by officials as White, and a Black co-captain of schooner on relocating to quake off an adjacent dockside parking area quickly escalated into routinist’s spread. One eyewitness reported that racist epithet was used in the fight.

The incident, which was captured on video and has gained national attention, largely caused by racial tensions in a city that has fought against injustice while also holding fervent beliefs about race.

The mother of a victim in the incident claimed that men were shouting “f**k that n***er” as the Black co-captain tried to move sand boat at the dock where the riverboat was being held.

Despite this, police believe that the incident was not racially motivated, and the co-captain testified against it again during a second interview with CNN on Wednesday.

Albert stated that they have faith in his statement, but he does not believe it was motivated by racism.

He stated that if there is additional evidence and more proof suggests that the incident was a hate crime, we will adjust the charges and charge accordingly.

The three men charged have been unresponsive to CNN’s requests for comment.

Richard Roberts, 48, Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, are charged with assault during the altercation, from left to right.

Damien Pickett, the co-captain of SSS Andrews, and a 16-year-old White boy who had taken him to the dock in.

In her sworn statement, the witness claimed that Roberts punched her 16-year-old son in the chest while trying to “pull people off” of the co-captain who was hit by several White people and knocked to the ground. She also stated that another man in their group claimed to be getting his gun, and then an employee of Harriott II tackled him.

Due to the victim’s age, CNN is not disclosing the identity of his mother or the individual involved.

According to Albert, the man who was captured on social media videos wielding a chair during the altercation is being asked to contact the police.

During Tuesday’s news conference, Albert stated that the authorities examined whether there was enough evidence to bring charges against those involved in a hate crime or an attempt to provoke riot, but the actions were not considered sufficient. However, he informed CNN on Tuesday night that they may change the charges as the investigation progresses.

CNN has obtained a shocking video that exhibits the massive altercation that occurred on the riverbank at 02:12.

Montgomery was dubbed the “place of civil rights,” as Albert explained to CNN, acknowledging the controversy that existed in the past and present.

According to the chief, 13 individuals were apprehended and interrogated for several hours on Saturday before being released on Tuesday.

“It seems like we’re far from finished,” the head said.

According to Albert’s statement to CNN on Tuesday night, there are hundreds of videos and witness statements that suggest the likelihood of more arrests and charges.

The following is what we have information about the events that occurred at the riverfront dock on Saturday and the ongoing investigation:

The dispute centered on the docking spot.

The Harriott II riverboat, carrying 227 passengers, returned to the waterfront and attempted to dock in its designated, reserved area, but was discovered to be diverted to its own docking spot by the chief.

The captain of the Harriott and its passengers had to wait for approximately 45 minutes as they tried to communicate with the boat’s operators using the PA system, but were only met with rudeness, profanity, and verbal abuse, according to Albert.

The co-captain, Pickett, was taken by another vessel to the dock where he attempted to engage in conversation with the boat owners and persuade them to move. The chief reported that the boats approached the captain in a very hostile manner.

The chief stated that the co-captain was doing his job and attempting to move the boat to its designated spot, but the situation quickly worsened.

According to the chief, Pickett was attacked by multiple members of the private boat. Albert reported that the co-captain received medical treatment at a nearby hospital later in the evening.

According to the chief, a number of the Harriott II crew members came to Pickett’s aid.

At 7 p.m., the captain of the Harriott called the police to report a disturbance, which was followed by another call at 7:15 pp. The police chief stated that the first officers arrived at the scene at around 7;18 ppe.

During Tuesday’s news conference, Reed accused individuals of engaging in a skirmish that resulted in an avoidable incident, and the police department and other local residents took swift and intentional action.

When questioned about other individuals who participated in the altercation on Wednesday, Reed stated that it was more likely that they would have ended the fight, but he recognized that emotions were high.

“It’s easy to hurl the punch that comes with being out of position, but I can empathize with those who took the initiative to defend someone they believed was being mistreated on Monday.”

Hate crime charges were investigated by investigators.

According to the police chief, the local investigators collaborated with the FBI to determine if hate crime charges should be brought against the accused.

At the news conference, Albert stated that they were unable to present any allegations of inciting a riot or racism, which was reiterated by Reed on CNN.

Reed, who served as Montgomery’s first Black mayor, stated that it is crucial to recognize that a young White dock worker or someone who worked on the boat attempted to help and was also attacked.

The chief informed CNN that the police department had conducted hours of research to ensure correctness.

On Tuesday night, Albert stated that they were eager to make a difference in Montgomery’s history by comprehending the civil rights issues and their impact on the nation.

Albert stated that they would adjust charges accordingly as new developments arise, particularly if they indicate the prevalence of hate crimes or incitement to a riot.

The viral video of the altercation made Montgomery’s racial history known, as the city was a key player in the transatlantic slave trade. Millions of people were drawn to the area and would come to buy slaves from the slave markets on the riverfront.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, the first major protest against segregation, was initiated by Rosa Parks’ refusal to relinquish her bus seat to a White man in December 1955, which later became the birthplace of the civil rights movement.

According to Marche Johnson, a City Councilwoman, Montgomery has developed ‘a culture of moving on and making peace with our past’ She also highlighted the Equal Justice Initiative, its museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice — whose mission was to honor those who had been lynched.

“It’s not far-fetched to see a country coming together from all walks of life, and seeking guidance on how to resolve the past and move forward.”

The video footage revealed the violent encounter.

As the number of people joining the dock, the fight on Saturday increased. X/@myteks

A now-virtual social media video captured the incident, which escalated from its initial interaction with the co-captain to a significant melee and police involvement in the fight.

The video footage depicts a White man without shirts charging and pushing the Harriott’s employee, who then throws his hat into the air. The white man then punches him multiple times, and subsequently, several other White people attack the worker from behind and starts to strike him.

A young White male wearing a life jacket was hit by one of the shirtless White men in the video.

The conflict intensified as other groups of people joined the fray, and one person on the boat jumped into the water and headed towards the altercation, according to the footage.

The footage exhibits a brief period of inactivity before the Harriott II arrived at the dock and commenced arguing again.

As the fighting continued, footage showed a Black man hitting two other people with ‘flipping chairs’ before police detained him; another person was seen jumping from dock to water in the video.

During her time on the Harriott II with her family, Christa Owen reported feeling like a “forced spectator” as she watched the co-captain being attacked from the boat. She filmed the incident and presented it to policing once she had disembarked.

On Tuesday night, she expressed to CNN’s Sara Sidner that the man must have felt a great deal of helplessness.

The co-captain was doing his job and trying to get us off the boat and have a good time, as per Owen.

Owen stated that the men on the pontoon boat were uncooperative with the captain’s repeated requests, resulting in an unnecessary attack.

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