Friday, September 22

According to forecasters, a third of US residents are expected to experience extreme heat on Sunday.

The country is expected to experience dangerous triple-digit temperatures on Sunday.

The majority of Americans are still experiencing extreme heat conditions.

The National Weather Service issued heat alerts on Sunday for approximately 33% of Americans, while millions more are facing triple digit temperatures. In 16 states, more than 115 million Americans are under heat warning.

ABC News presents a temperature heat index map for Aug. 12, 2023 on Saturday.

The South is projected to have a heat index of 105-115 for the majority of the time, while the Northwest will experience sweltering heat as an expanding high-pressure system expands into the area.

Forecasts indicate that over 30 locations, including Portland, Medford, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Mississippi, Mobile, Alabama, Albany, Georgia, and Savannah, have daily records available on Sunday.

The heat that has been building up for the past few weeks will be a constant feature of Sunday’s temperatures.

A map showing afternoon temperatures. ABC News.

According to the NWS, Saturday saw record-breaking temperatures of 100 degrees in New Orleans, 100 degree in Orlando, 98 degree at Naples in Florida, and 105 degree there (for San Antonio).

Texas has been experiencing high temperatures.

Austin, Texas has maintained a record high of 100 degrees or higher for 36 consecutive days, while San Antonio has broken it low of 105 degrees and above for seven straight days.

At the DYB, Little League tournament in Ruston, La., on Aug. 9, 2023, Braxton Hicks, a 7-year-old from Livingston and Texas, uses he portable fan to cool off.

The temperature in Houston has reached 101 degrees or higher for the 14th consecutive day.

A cold front moving from the North will ease some of the pressure on the South, bringing conditions back to normal for this time of year.

Temperatures in other areas are reaching the 90s and 100s throughout the week.

The heat dome will become larger as the South’s intense heat expands into the middle of the county towards the end of month.

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