Sunday, September 24

Anurag Thakur criticizes the Congress for a repeat of Rahul Gandhi’s launch failure.

Anurag Thakur, a union minister, attacked Congress on Friday, saying that Rahul Gandhi’s launch had failed once again. He was responding to the Congress MP’S comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’d Lok Sabha speech at the conclusion of the no-confidence motion debate.

“Congress leaders have a habit of using profanity and deceit…Their self-esteem and ego have made them part of the ‘ghamandiya’ alliance,” Thakur told reporters.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his disapproval of PM Modi’s jokes and laughter in Parliament, arguing that the city has been under fire for four months.

The Congress MP expressed his concern that women and children were being killed, while the Prime Minister of India was laughing in the middle of Parliament.

Thakur expressed concern about the impact of Gandhi’s statement in Lok Sabha on Manipur and the potential danger it poses to those who support the Tukde-Tuke gang.

Earlier, Speaker Om Birla had removed some of the words from Congress MP’s Lok Sabha speech regarding no-trust motion. Subsequently, Gandhi claimed that ‘Bharat Mata’ is now considered an unparliamentary term.

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