Friday, September 22

At G20 summit, world leaders condemn the use of force in Ukraine for territorial gain in Delhi.

According to AFP, global leaders condemned the use of force in Ukraine for territorial gain in a summit statement on Saturday at the ongoing G20 Summit, without referring to Russia.

The New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration stated that all states should refrain from using force or threatening the territorial integrity and sovereignty of any state in their pursuit of territorial acquisition, as it was related to the ‘war in Ukraine’.

The Delhi Declaration did not explicitly mention Russia, unlike the G20 statement from Bali last year. In 2022, the UN issued a resolution that strongly condemned the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine.

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Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor, welcomed the wording. “I think it does a very good job,” he informed reporters.

He emphasized that the Delhi Declaration reinforced the idea that territorial gain cannot be achieved through force, nuclear weapons were unacceptable, and peace must be founded on the principles of the UN Charter, including sovereignty and territorial integrity, as reported by AFP.

Sullivan stressed the need to stop attacking civilian infrastructure, including grid infrastructure.

The G20 summit’s host nation has straddled diplomatic lines after the Ukraine conflict. India has maintained a balanced relationship with Moscow while also joining the Quad grouping with the United States, Japan, and Australia.

The New Delhi Leaders Summit Declaration was adopted by the G20 on Saturday, with PM Narendra Modi stating that it was a significant breakthrough in the gathering of the world’s most influential nations.

During his speech at the Bharat Mandapam, Modi informed the leaders that they had been successful in reaching a consensus on the New Delhi G20 Leaders Summit Declaration due to the efforts of their teams and cooperation.

The prime minister suggested that the G20 Declaration be adopted. Modi then announced that he would officially adopt the Declaration after members approved it. He expressed gratitude to his ministers, sherpas, and officials for their tireless efforts in making this possible.

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