Wednesday, October 4

Biden calls on automakers and UAW to come up with a deal as the deadline approaches.

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President Biden urged Detroit’s Big Three car companies and the United Auto Workers to work towards a deal that would not result in contentious automotive contract negotiations. He stated that automakers must take all necessary measures to avoid plant closures and retain jobs in their current manufacturing communities when they need to restructure their operations, as well as honor workers’ right to organize and provide fair wages for their families.

The president advised the UAW to be cautious as it poses significant wage-related challenges, emphasizing the need for the auto industry to maintain its competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

Biden deemed his statement as particularly significant in light of a widespread industry overhaul aimed at developing electric vehicles.

The speaker emphasized that the middle class was established by the American people, and unions were instrumental in building it. He added that moving towards an energy-based clean economy should offer a chance for both auto companies and laborers to work together.

The UAW’s new leadership is leading a protracted campaign for better wages and benefits, with Biden intervening as the union has one month left before its current contract expires on September 14. The union also stated that it would strike if negotiations fail before that time.


U.S. manufacturing is heavily reliant on the automotive industry, which accounts for approximately 3% of gross domestic product. GlobalData reports that almost half of all light vehicles manufactured in the United States are produced by the UAW’s 150,000 automotive members.

The administration is anxious to avoid a strike that could harm the manufacturing sector, as positive indicators on the economy have helped boost the opinions of economists and consumers.

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Biden’s statement comes after the UAW announced in May that it is seeking “substantial administration support” before committing to endorse the president, marking an unusual move by both sides.


Biden stated on Monday that he is seeking all parties involved in a fair agreement as the Big Three auto companies and United Auto Workers come together for negotiations one month before their contract expires.

Shawn Fain, the newly elected president of the UAW, has increased his demands by overstepping past past complacency and concessionary behavior. Automakers have warned that they cannot compete with non-unionized workplaces if they comply with the union’s demands.

Fain stated that the union is grateful for Biden’s support in establishing robust contracts that will provide well-paying union jobs and facilitate a fair transition to EV-based technologies.

The parent company of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and other brands, Stellantis, aims to achieve a deal that balances the concerns of its 43,000 employees with their vision for the future, which will better prepare the business for global challenges and safeguard the lives of all employees, their families, or our organization.

General Motors is pursuing a labor agreement that guarantees job security, high-pay rates, and competitive competition within and outside of North America.

Ford was not immediately available for comment.

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