Wednesday, October 4

Biden is pushing for almost $40 billion in aid to support Ukraine, disaster relief efforts, and border security.

On August 9, 2023, Joe Biden discusses the impact of “Bidenomics” on clean energy and manufacturing at Arcosa Wind Towers in Belen, New Mexico.

The White House announced on Thursday that it has been requesting almost $40 billion more than previously to provide aid to Ukraine and respond to natural disasters, including increases in wildland firefighter pay and border management.

The White House is seeking $12 billion for ongoing disaster relief, $60 million for firefighters’ salary increases, and $3.9 billion to address border and migration issues.

The request was made as federal agencies, led by FEMA, worked to address the deadly wildfires in Hawaii that have claimed the lives of at least thirty-six individuals. President Joe Biden announced that FEM administrator Deanne Criswell would be arriving on Maui by Friday, but emphasized that the danger was not yet settled.

The bipartisan bid seeks more than $24 billion in new funds for Ukraine to slow Russia’s illegal invasion.

The U.S. has released a war chest worth more than $43 billion to enhance Kyiv’s military capabilities, almost 18 months after Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine.

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