Sunday, September 24

Blood pressure will be monitored with the Apple Watch X in the coming year.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch a major upgrade to its watch, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of the brand’s launch, as well as introduce rumors about upcoming devices called the “Watch X.”

The Watch X is said to have a slimmer case, and designers are considering incorporating curved magnetic bands that are more compact than the original Apple Watch bands. Additionally, the watch will feature 720p display with microLED displays, providing improved color and clarity, as well as an integrated blood pressure monitoring function.

According to Bloomberg, the company will also reveal its Apple Watch Series 9 lineup at an upcoming September event, which includes new iPhones. The watches will have faster processors and different colors, while the Watch X will be launched in 2024 or 2025.

Apple acknowledges that the majority of people are still purchasing their first Apple Watch, unlike consumers who don’t upgrade their devices every year. According to Bloomberg, however, a new version of the high-end AppleWatch Ultra is also planned for release in the near future.

Apple’s watches are not part of the “Other Products” category, which includes other gadgets like AirPods, HomePod s and Apple TV. The segment reported $8.28 billion in revenue for the third quarter, with a 2% increase year over year.

Apple’s stock has risen by more than 37% year-to-date as of Monday, while the Nasdaq Composite has increased by approximately 31% during the same time frame.

Apple did not respond immediately to CNBC for comment.

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