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By using the Garena Free Fire Max codes, you can unlock weapons, diamonds, and more until Aug 11, 2023.

Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes are 12 digit alphanumeric codes that contain capital letters and numbers and can be used to obtain in-game items such as weapons, diamonds, skins or more.

The game is a modernized version of Garena Free Fire, which was originally released in 2021. It gained popularity after the Indian government banned the former due to its constant updates by its developers. Additionally, there is an exclusive microsite where players can access the latest updated codes.

The daily redeem codes can be used to obtain a chance to win items like Rebel Academy Weapon Loot Crate, Revolt Weapon Looting Cate, Diamonds Voucher, and Fire Head Hunting Parachute. However, these codes are only available for ‘only’ 500 users until the end of the day (i.e. 12 hours).

All the active codes for August 11, 2023 are listed here.

The gene pool is EYH2W3XK8UPG.




XZJZE25WEFJJ is related to the term.

MCPW2D2WKWF2 is the code-shared mutation of MCF2.

BR43FMAPYEZZ is the name of this vehicle.


UVX9PYZV54AC is the code assigned to this object.


What are the steps to follow in order to redeem Garena Free Fire Max codes?

Access the official Rewards Redemption page for the game on Chrome.

To access your account, use a Facebook, Twitter, Google or VK ID combination.

The codes mentioned above can be copied and pasted into the text box.

Clicking on Confirm will bring you the rewards in the in-game mail section, and golds or diamonds will be automatically added to the account wallet.

After redeeming the codes, players can go to the game vault and view a game wall. The games will also offer gold and diamonds in exchange for these codes. Additionally, Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes can be used to purchase items like rebel academy weapon loot crate, revolt weapon plthalate, diamond vouchers, fire head hunting parachute, and other in-game items.

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