Wednesday, October 4

Desperate measures were taken to damage the image of the Assam Rifles’ army Spear Corps.

Two instances aimed at discrediting the Assam Rifles have surfaced in the past 24 hours, as stated by the Army.

The army and the Assam Rifles have stated that they will continue to take strict measures to prevent any attempt that could lead to more violence in Manipur, which is currently embroiled in conflict.

A statement on Twitter from the Army’s Spear Corps has exposed fake efforts to portray the Assam Rifles as a force responsible for the ethnic violence in Manipur.

The statement revealed that some hostile elements have made repeated and unsuccessful attempts to question the central security forces, particularly the Assam Rifles, on a mission to save lives and restore peace in Manipur starting on May 3.

According to the army, the situation on Manipur’s ground is complex, and there may be some differences in tactics among different security forces.

Nevertheless, all these misconceptions at the operational level are promptly rectified through the combined effort to bring about peace and normalcy in Manipur.

The army has stated that there have been two instances in the past 24 hours that were intended to smear the reputation of Assam Rifles.

The army stated that the Assam Rifles battalion adhered to the Unified Headquarters’ mandate of strictly enforcing buffer zone rules in the first case to prevent violence between the two communities.

The second case asserted that the Assam Rifles being removed from an area is not connected to them.

The army has stationed an infantry battalion in the region since May, where they have been instrumental in relocating the Assam Rifles.

“The statement conveyed to the people of Manipur that the Indian Army and Assam Rifles are resolute in their efforts to prevent any attempt that could lead to further violence in an already unstable atmosphere,” it added.

An FIR has been filed by Manipur Police, accusing the Assam Rifles of obstructing their vehicle following an altercation between the two groups last week.

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