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Despite feeling anxious about his medical leave, Jay Monahan remains confident in his PIF deal and the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour’s commissioner, Jay Monahan, stated that his temporary leave on June 14 was due to anxiety, which presented physical and mental health challenges. He resumed his duties on July 17 and spoke to reporters on Wednesday for the first time since June 6.


The announcement of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund’s framework agreement was made eight days later, and Monahan acknowledged that his health problems were caused by the stress and pressure experienced during that week.

Monahan stated that her nature is innate and she wants to be involved in any situation that arises, not escape from it. It was a challenging journey for her, but she needed to prioritize her own well-being and come back stronger than ever to continue leading the PGA Tour.

Continuing his statement, Monahan acknowledged the PGA Tour for providing him with top-notch medical attention and prevented any potential danger. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t return until his wife, daughters, and medical experts had given their approval.

Since his return on July 17, Monahan has been meeting with players and recently held a larger meeting in Memphis before the start of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

“I am in good health,” he declared. “He is full of vitality. He’s prepared to be the leader of the PGA Tour in the future.”

“I had to take a step back and learn how to handle the situation in stead. It’s impossible to wait for someone to make that kind of decision, so I had better take care of my family and myself.”

The trust in PIF remains unaffected.

Despite not disclosing much information about the negotiations with PIF, Monahan remains confident that they will be successful before the framework agreement deadline on Jan. 1, when a definitive joint venture can be reached. The current plan is for the new joint company to be named PGA Tour Enterprises, according to Monajin and VP of executive vice president Tyler Dennis at GC Partners.


He stated that he is still uncertain about the implications of a deal for the LIV Golf League, but remains committed to conducting an “empirical analysis” of LIU with his team. Additionally, despite documents being released during the July senate hearing, there was no discussion on the status of Greg Norman, who would be removed from his role as CEO.

Monahan emphasized the importance of engaging with present-day PGA Tour players to restore confidence following the admittedly mishandled implementation of the framework agreement on June 6.

“The implementation on June 6 was unsuccessful, resulting in a lot of misinformation. I believe that misfortune can cause mistrust, which falls under my responsibility.”

Despite the situation, Monahan remains confident that the decision was the best one for the PGA Tour and believes that players will understand when it’s over.

“When we reach a certain point in the end of the year, I fully anticipate that we will be there, but I am determined and motivated to work towards our goals for both our team and fans.”

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