Monday, October 2

Despite the strikes, Drew Barrymore’s show is not the only talk show to return.


The Writers Guild has shown some support for Drew Barrymore by reviving her daytime talk show in the midst of the writers’ strike.

The social media accounts for the shows indicate that Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson will be back on the air on Sept. 18.

Variety has announced that “The Talk” will also be making a comeback.

The shows are now collaborating with other daytime programs, such as “The View,” “Tamron Hall,” and “Live with Kelly and Mark,” which are airing new episodes.

The Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA have been stuck in the middle of contract negotiations with major studios and streamers, causing most film and television projects to come to a stop.

Barrymore was picketed by the Writers Guild of America on Monday, who released a statement explaining her decision to resume production on her syndicated.

She stated that our talk show was officially concluded on April 20th, so we didn’t have to shut it down. However, she is now returning for the first time in a controversial strike of theirs, which may include other people but is not limited to her.

The WGA strike will not be covered by The Drew Barrymore Show, as confirmed by a spokesperson for CBS Media Ventures.

Wendy McMahon, president and CEO of CBS News and Stations and CBS Media Ventures, stated to CNN that they are excited to work with Drew Barrymore and look forward to new episodes with similar content this fall.

SAG-AFTRA is not opposing the resumption of her show.

The Drew Barrymore Show is produced under the Network Television Code, a separate contract that is not struck, according to an announcement made to Variety by prosecutors. The union representative clarified that it is permissible work and does not violate the current strike rules because of his role as host.

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