What is the price of dodge van car from 2013 year?

Here are all the cars details you are looking for.

Car details

Name Details
Brand dodge
Model van
Year 2013
Title status salvage insurance
Mileage 135561
Color white
Vin 2c4rdgcg3dr749500
Lot 167616430
State tennessee
Country usa
Condition 2 days left

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Versatile Seating and Storage Options

Car vans often feature flexible seating arrangements, which can be easily adjusted or removed to accommodate a variety of passenger and cargo needs. This adaptability makes them perfect for carpooling, transporting equipment or goods, and even for use as a makeshift camper.

Enhanced Safety Features

Manufacturers of car vans have placed a strong emphasis on safety, equipping these vehicles with advanced features like rear-view cameras, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warnings to protect all occupants on the road.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly Choices

With a push towards more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, many car vans now offer hybrid or fully electric options. This not only reduces running costs but also contributes to a cleaner environment.


Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to support your business operations or need a reliable car for family adventures, car vans provide a blend of functionality and comfort that can meet a wide range of transportation needs. Their evolving designs and features are continuing to make them a popular choice among discerning drivers worldwide.

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