Monday, October 2

Following his conviction in Toshakhana’s corruption case, Imran Khan was barred from entering Pakistani politics for 5 years.

The conviction of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Toshakhana corruption case resulted in his ban from politics for five years, as reported by Pakistan’s election commission on Tuesday.

The ECP’s prescribed period of five years, which could be longer than the time a person is sentenced under Pakistani law, prevents them from seeking public office.

The ex-prime minister was imprisoned for three years on Saturday. He was taken to a jail close to Islamabad after being arrested at his residence in Lahore.

Imran Khan was brought to trial for purportedly engaging in the illegal sale of state-sponsored gifts from 2018 to 2022.

Khan’s legal team has appealed to the Islamabad High Court, which will consider the guilty verdict on Wednesday, to overturn the ruling.

Reuters reported that the petition characterizes the conviction as “void, prejudiced, and without lawful authority”.

The petition asserted that the lower court had turned down a list of witnesses for the defence just before reaching its verdict, calling it utterly ridiculous and disregarding due process and fair trial.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is set to resume the hearing on Wednesday for the murder case of Senior Supreme court lawyer Abdul Razzaq Shar against Imran Khan, as reported by ARY News.

ANI reported that Justice Yahya Afridi will lead the three-member bench in reconvening for the hearing.

Additionally, the former prime minister has presented the extra case to the Supreme Court, as reported by ARY News.

The Supreme Court bench summoned Imran Khan, the PTI chairman, for testimony during the final hearing of the case on August 9.

The Pakistan’s Supreme Court prevented Khan from being arrested until August 9 in a case related to the murder of. A lawyer was killed in Quetta before the court could intervene, according to an ANI report cited by Pakistan-based The Express Tribune.

ANI reported that the PTI chief was booked on June 7 for the murder case of Advocate Abdul Razzaq Shar, which was registered at Shaheed Jameel Kakar police station and charged with murder, terrorism, and other offenses.

The case of Abdul Razzaq Shar was registered after his son filed a complaint against him for shooting to death on Airport Road in Quetta on Tuesday.

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