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Former gambling partner claims Mickelson tried to bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup and has wagered over $1B.

In his book “Gambler: Secrets From a Life at Risk,” Billy Walters claimed that Phil Mickelson had made ‘a $400,000 bet’ on the U.S. team to win the 39th Ryder Cup in 2012, as stated by former player Chip Kelly.

Walters stated that Mickelson was highly convinced that the American team, including Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, and Phil himself, was poised to reclaim the Cup from the Euros. The Fire Pit Collective and Golf Digest published Walter’s book, which will be available for purchase later this month, detailing his friendship with Mickeks and their gambling partnership.


According to the book excerpt, Walters reminded Mickelson that he wouldn’t place the Ryder Cup bet and also mentioned the events that took place with Pete Rose. Rose was banned from Major League Baseball in 1989 for placing betes on games while managing the Cincinnati Reds.

Walters expressed uncertainty about Phil’s decision and wished that the “Miracle at Medinah” would have made him feel better.

Martin Kaymer’s six-foot par putt on the 18th green on Thursday proved crucial as the European team rallied to win the Ryder Cup at the Medinah Country Club outside Chicago on Friday. The anchor match between Woods and Francesco Molinari resulted in a one-point lead, giving the winner of the game 14 1/2 to 13 1/2.

Mickelson stated on Thursday that he has never placed a bet on the Ryder Cup. Although recognizing his fondness for putting money into the course, if viewed in this way, “I would never undermine the integrity of the game.”

“I have been candid about my gambling addiction. I have previously expressed my regret, taken accountability, sought help, and engaged in a successful therapy program, which has left me feeling optimistic.” He continued: “Once again, I’ve spoken positively about myself.

Walters stated in his book excerpt that he and Mickelson first discussed gambling in 2008. They eventually formed a gambling partnership thatlasted five years, during which they split their bets on both college and professional sports.

Walters claimed that Mickelson lost almost $100 million by placing 7,065 bets on football, basketball, and baseball between 2010 and 2012. He also noted that he has been wagering heavily on himself, with his previous relationship having generated more than $1 billion in the past 30 years.


In 2017, Walters was found guilty of insider trading for exchanging Dean Foods stock and given a five-year prison sentence. The case became well-known after prosecutors revealed that Mickelson made almost $1 million from selling DeanFoods stocks in 2012. Prosecutors claimed that the golfer paid Walterson to settle his gambling debts.

Despite the Security and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against him for his stock trade earnings, Mickelson was not present during Walters’ trial and never faced charges. However, he eventually agreed to pay the money in 2016.

When asked about Mickelson’s reaction to the book excerpt, Rory McIlroy criticized the LIV golfer and stated that he won’t be participating in the Ryder Cup this year.

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