Wednesday, October 4

Gmail is currently working on adding emoji reactions to their emails.

It seems that Google is working on a Gmail feature that allows users to respond to their inbox with emoji using the Android and iOS mobile apps.

TheSpAndroid and Steve Moser both reported on the existence of hidden code in Gmail apps for iOS and Android, respectively, indicating that Google is working on adding support for emojis in the world’s most popular email service.

Microsoft Outlook is among the email apps that already support emoji reactions. The latter shows these reactions as a small icon on an email rather than displaying en total response. This seems like slick alternative to replying to an emails, since it only requires acknowledgement.

Outlook emoji responses

The “coming soon” notification appears to indicate that Gmail is testing emoji reactions using strings found in its Android app. Google has also created a message for users who are among the first to receive an EMoji response, indicating that they can send their own responses soon.

The appearance of the feature in Gmail and the emoji supported for reactions is not yet clear, but there are still some significant limitations to consider. Both the Android and iOS apps have cautionary statements about these restrictions, which include:

BCC-entered emails are not compatible with responses.

Encrypted messages are not suitable for all reactions.

The presence of “large groups” in email threads means that responses are not supported.

The maximum amount of an emoji response that can be used is currently unknown.

A single person can send only 20 emoji responses in messages.

A maximum of 50 different emoji reactions can be sent in messages.

The idea of including emoji reactions in Gmail seems strange at first sight, but it could be useful as previously mentioned. At present, there is no official announcement or tease from Google regarding the feature’s release.

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