Friday, September 22

Google celebrates its 15th anniversary by rebranding Chrome as Material You and giving it a beautiful makeover.

Google Chrome’s Key Takeaways are being redesigned with the Material You design language, featuring new color schemes and icons that are easier to read.

A visual update is being implemented on the Chrome Web Store, enabling users to quickly locate their preferred extensions with personalized recommendations and the option to identify potentially harmful ones.

Users can now search deeper into topics and pin search results in the sidebar, while Safe Browsing is now enhanced with real-time threat-tracking capabilities that can improve phishing and malware protection by up to 25%.

Google has a special offer for its newly launched Chrome web browser, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. The new version takes inspiration from the Material You design language and includes fresh color options and updates to the Chrome Web Store. Additionally, there are also plans for improvements in the search and Safe Browsing functions.

These improvements to Chrome should feel like a second home for you, given the familiar familiarity with Material You’s personalization aspects on Android. The icons in Chrome are now more legible, and there are new color options available to better represent your open tabs and colors. Additionally, Chrome can even adjust its brightness and dark mode settings. Additional minor tweaks include introducing fewer text boxes and graphical widgets through the Customize Chrome button.

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The Chrome Web Store is getting a makeover, with new categories and personalized recommendations for favorite extensions. Additionally, the Safety Check feature can now identify harmful extensions that violate Google’s policies.

The new Search features and Safe Browsing are both exciting, with users selecting the Search this page with Google option from the three-dot menu to search and pin a topic. Additionally, Google Chrome has been updated to identify dangerous sites in real-time for security purposes, instead of every 60 minutes. This could reduce phishing and malware protection in Chrome by up to 25%.

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