Friday, September 22

Here are the highlights of the G20 Summit 2023, which includes all the key findings from Day One.

21:56, tuesday, September 09, 2023.

New Delhi was able to achieve consensus on the G20 declaration thanks to a series of negotiations with China, Russia, and other Western countries, as well as strong support from Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, which defied fears of potential disagreement among the bloc regarding the Ukraine conflict.

India was successful in persuading China to accept the Ukrainian conflict text after being endorsed by the European Union, as per their statement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on the first day of the summit that the G20 leaders’ statement had been adopted with agreement, which was a major surprise, given the Russia-China combination and the West’s commitment to their respective positions on Ukraine.

According to French diplomatic sources, India has demonstrated a certain level of strength and skill in uniting nations. However, New Delhi has taken into account all views expressed by the international community and is currently working on negotiating conciliation deals over the Ukraine conflict.

The consensus reached on the declaration was a significant achievement for India, according to anonymous European sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Western nations were satisfied with the overall results, as per sources, when asked about the absence of the term “Russian aggression” on Ukraine in the Bali G20 declaration.

According to a separate source, India sent the final draft to the G20 members on Friday night, warning that there would be no announcement if they did not accept it.

Last night, India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant revealed that discussions with Russia and China had taken place.

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