Wednesday, October 4

In a wild victory over the Mariners, Cedric Mullins of the Orioles hits and then robs.

Sunday’s extra innings victory for the Orioles in Seattle was a 5-3 win over the Mariners. This game was packed with excitement, making it one of the best games of season so far.

After six innings, the score was leveled to 2-2 and it remained unaffected until pitching ten minutes into the ninth inning. The Mariners manager, Scott Servais, was dismissed and the Orioles scored the game-winning run on an almost sealed play at home plate, with the safe call being confirmed through replay.

Despite this, the real fireworks were yet to occur. Remember, it was a 3-2 Orioles lead at halftime. It seemed like Ty France’s shot to center field would bring the game to an end. Instead, Cedric Mullins of the OHL gave him some serious leather.

It’s a great catch, especially considering the circumstances.

The spectators had scant time to process the play as Dominic Canzone hit a shot beyond the goalpost.

Stack up the numbers. Move on to 10!

The Orioles’ second inning hit by Mr. Mullins was marked by his ability to bat with one out and one on due to the automatic runner, while also being a deep player.

Mullins’ home run evaded the Mariners, but they managed to score and hit another one. Mulliners then went on to hit a two-run shot in the 10th.

The Orioles would take the lead and win the series. Despite winning eight games in a row before losing to the O’Toole-winning team, the Mariners were not entirely ashamed as they lost in extra innings. Their best record in the American League is 73-45.

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