Friday, September 22

In space, a UAE astronaut shares his experience of eating honey sandwich and how the internet has made him feel better about it.

September 1 marks the start of the astronaut’s return to Earth.

During his six-month mission to the International Space Station, Sultan Al Neyadi, an astronaut from UAE, posted a captivating video on X that shows how he consumes honey and bread for breakfast.

The video features science enthusiasts flaunting the creation of honey in space as Mr. Neyadi shows how it forms in just a few minutes. He starts by pouring out dozens of ounces of Emirati honey and pressing it onto bread, which creates ‘a ball’ from which the honey is forced to rest. After that, he then leaves his snack floating in zero gravity while jiggles the remaining honey on the bread. Finally, with folded, delicious honey sandwich.

The video features a different explanation for the health benefits of honey, as he mentions that it is beneficial for astronauts.

The post he wrote contained the statement, “Have you ever thought about how honey is created in space? I have some Emirati honey that I use every day. Honey has many health benefits, especially for astronauts.”

Check out the video by clicking here:

Do you know how honey is produced in outer space?

I have a stash of Emirati honey that I use at times, and it has many health benefits for those who work as astronauts.

One user commented on the clip, stating that it looks like a ball without gravity. Another user added: “It’s amazing how you can leave your stuff in space anywhere and be amazed.”

A third person joked that it would take hours and days to eat in space, while they simply enjoyed their meal.

“The way things move in space are influenced by gravity and behave like tendrils, making it seem alive,” exclaimed a fifth.

A video clip from a previous day was revealed, in which he had gotten an adorable interview with his son via video conference. Abdulla Sultan Al Niyadi responded by saying that Earth is her favorite place to be.

Beautiful photographs of Earth from space, taken by the Emirati astronaut, are frequently shared and become viral.

The 42-year-old astronaut and his four colleagues are set to return to Earth on September 1, having completed a six-month science mission aboard the International Space Station. In April of this year, Mr Neyadi became the first Arab to undertake sputnik during Expedition 69, venturing out of the ISS.

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