Wednesday, October 4

It appears that Valve is making arrangements to sell refurbished Steam Decks.

Valve has confirmed the sale of refurbished Steam Decks, as reported in our previous article published on August 8th, 2:24PM ET.

Valve is considering selling refurbished Steam Decks in the near future. The developer of the SteamDB database tweeted on Monday about “certified reclaimed” Steamdecks across all three storage offerings, while Wario64 shared screenshots of these listings via Gizmodo. Unfortunately, Warri64’s links are redirecting to Steam’ main landing page, and it appears that they were not available for an extended period.

If Valve’s refurbished Steam Decks are offered at the same prices as shown in Wario64 screenshots, they will be a bargain compared to their new counterparts: (Skinect game with Mario Kart for free)

The cost of a 64GB upgrade is lower than the $399 price when it’s refurbished.

A 256GB model is priced at $419 after refurbishment, while a new one costs $529.

A 512GB refurbished device can cost $519, while a new one may cost $649.

Despite the fact that Valve’s “certified refurbished” Steam Decks may differ from their new counterparts, we are still uncertain about this. If you decide to purchase one, be aware that it may have flaws or imperfections that are not present in new models.

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