Friday, September 22

It’s possible that Apple will discontinue all its Silicone accessories.

According to MacRumors, Apple may be considering phasing out its silicone rubber and fluoroelastomer accessories and replacing them with products made from environmentally friendly materials.

The move is expected to include accessories like the iPhone Silicone Case with MagSafe, Sport Band, Solo Loop and AirTag Loop.The rumor comes from Apple device collector and leaker “Kosutami,” who has previously revealed information about iPhone 15’s braided USB-C cable, several prototypes including various versions of AirPods in different colors, as well as the new Lightning Bolt Type II headphones that come with Apple’ on social media platforms such as Twitter account “kobold”, which claims to

Apple is expected to discontinue its leather iPhone cases and replace them with accessories made of premium materials like “FineWoven.” The transition towards newer color options is not expected, as existing models will not be refreshed with silicone accessories.

The move is believed to be part of a wider movement towards using more sustainable materials for Apple’s leather and silicone accessories, which have fewer carbon emissions than leather. However, Appleā€™s silicone rubber accessories are not recycled like other materials, and such materials as fluoroelastomer are difficult to recycle due to their heat-resistant properties and crosslinked structure.

Apple is preparing to use “FineWoven” as the first next-generation material to replace leather, although some observers predict that it may also take the place of some silicone accessories. Other new, more eco-friendly materials are expected to be introduced on other accessories in the future.

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