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Jairam Ramesh and Rahul Gandhi’s story is just the tip of the iceberg, as per Jethmalani.

The New York Times’ revelation about Chinese money being used for political campaigns is just the tip of the iceberg, according to BJP Rajya Sabha MP and senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani.

“JairamRamesh, who wrote about CHINDIA in 2006, was a vocal supporter of Huawei until his tenure as the Environment Minister in Uttar Pradesh. He also signed an MOU with the INC on behalf of Sonia and the CCCP in 2008. During their time working at Huawei, did both of them meet Singham? Should NIA investigate further?” Jethmalani tweeted.

Neville has been identified by the NYT report as having spread Chinese propaganda worldwide. Newsclick has also been named as one of the media outlets that featured such a report. The revelation caused repercussions in Parliament as BJP targeted the opposition over the issue.

What is the news behind the NewsClick funding scam?

Some emails that were allegedly sent by Neville Singham, seeking to publish articles about China’s efforts to contain covid, have been discovered. India’S Newsclick was one of the sites, and the campaign covered various topics, including supporting farmers’ protests in India and cooperating with Indian communists. CPM has been heavily criticised for its association with NewsClick.

Newsclick has been accused of making false and misleading allegations over the past 12 hours, which relate to issues that are currently being heard in Indian courts. According to a statement released by NewsClick, they respect the legal process and do not intend to engage in judicial proceedings through media channels.

Jethmalani’s statement about Gautam Navalakha and Teesta Setalvad is discussed in NewsClick row.

The portal paid for the expenses of Gautam Navalakha and Teesta Setalvad, while the Congress and Left ecosystem rallied behind their accusers.

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Poulomi Ghosh, the journalist who works for Hindustan Times in New Delhi, is presented in detail.

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