Sunday, September 24

Kenny Pickett and George Pickens score a 33-yard touchdown on the first drive.

The Steelers are optimistic about a productive relationship with Kenny Pickett and George Pickens in 2023, and they started their preseason by starting the year strong in Tampa on Friday night.

Pickett and Pickens both hit each other on a third down, with Pickened then running into the end zone for dozens of yards before finally landing touchdown on the ground. The preseason game may be tough because it’s not against the Bucs’ starting quarterbacks, but it will still give them reassurance about their expectations as they head into their second NFL season.

The drive saw Pickett complete the play with 70 yards, going for 6-of-7. Diontae Johnson caught three passes for 32 yards before the scoring strike, and tight end Pat Freiermuth also had a catch.

It was anticipated that Pickett would only play in one series on Friday, and there was no indication that he required additional time on the field during the opening drive. Mitch Trubisky came on for the team’s second possession, while Steelers fans may be interested in seeing Pictand and Pickens repeating this move throughout the regular season.

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