Wednesday, October 4

London police apprehended a terror suspect in Chiswick, identified as Daniel Khalife.


The police have finally apprehended Daniel Khalife, who evaded authorities for three days after escaping from prison on Wednesday.

According to the force, Khalife was captured by a counter-terrorism officer after being apprehended from sworn in bicycle in the Chiswick area of west London, where search efforts were restarted earlier in day.

The former soldier was detained on suspicion of being an unlawfully at large and an escaped prisoner, as confirmed by PA Media and reported by its counter-terrorism chief Commander Dominic Murphy.

According to Murphy, a plain clothes officer detained him while he was riding stodge-barreled on pushed bikes, which led to his arrest.

Upon being apprehended by the officer, he was handcuffed and arrested due to his complete co-operation.

The 21-year-old terror suspect’s escape from Wandsworth Prison on Wednesday triggered a widespread search that caused delays in flights and increased checks at British ports.

PA reported that he was being held on terror charges and denied all three charges against him, which were related to his alleged involvement in planting fake bombs at a military base.

Dressed as a chef, Khalife fastened himself to the bottom of ice in ‘a delivery van’ and fled the prison. When police found the truck, two miles east of the jail, it was clear that his escape had been over; all that lay left were the strapping officers discovered under the van.

An independent investigation has been launched following criticism expressed by the prison service and the government regarding the incident.

Following Khalife’s arrest, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed gratitude towards the police and the British populace.

He expressed his pleasure with the news and thanked the police officers for their outstanding work over the past few days, as well as the public for providing a significant number of leads to support the authorities in their investigations.

The government’s investigation into how Khalife got away will continue, according to Sunak, who also stated that the news of his arrest was “undoubtedly very good.”

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