Sunday, September 24

Mark Zuckerberg is criticized by Elon Musk for his book Being Too Small to Beat Him.

Elon Musk stated that he would emerge victorious in a fight against Mark Zuckerberg because of their size differences.

On Sunday, Musk leaked text messages that he claims to have exchanged with Zuckerberg.

Musk stated in the thread that he would emerge victorious if Zuckerberg wasn’t likened to Bruce Lee.

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Elon Musk released a set of messages on Sunday that he alleges are part of e-mail correspondence with Mark Zuckerberg, where lacked his signature, mocking the latter for his physical appearance.

Musk initially shared the exchange with his biographer, Walter Isaacson, and later posted a screenshot of the “full message” he sent to Zuckerberg about their highly-anticipated cage match on Sunday.

The initial screenshot shared by Musk with Isaacson depicts him asking if someone, whom he alleges is Zuckerberg, would be willing to participate in a “practice bout.”

According to Musk’s screenshot, Zuckerberg rejected the proposal.

Musk’s record of the exchange prompted Zuckerberg to write: “If you still want to do a real MMA fight, then just train yourself and let me know when you’re ready to go.”

Zuckerberg cautioned against constantly hype something that would never materialize, advising either to take action or move on.

Musk reacted by saying that he would be in Palo Alto on Monday, and then suggested that they could fight in Zuckerberg’s Octagon fighting ring.

According to the screenshot, Musk informed Zuckerberg that he has not been out much lately, except for a quick spin with Lex Fridman. “Although it’s highly unlikely, given our size disparity, I think you could still emerge victorious.”

While insider was unable to verify the authenticity of the text exchange, Zuckerberg appeared to confirm it on Sunday when he revealed on Threads that Musk had requested a “practice round” in his backyard ring.

Despite being outside of normal business hours, Zuckerberg’s representatives at Meta did not respond to an Insider request for comment immediately.

The post by Musk on the exchange was made after Zuckerberg refuted Musk’s assertion on Friday that the fight would occur at an “epic location” in “old Rome.”

Zuckerberg stated in a Friday thread that he would inform people about the actual date they’ll agree to, but assume that anything rumors have already been resolved.

The possible date of the Musk versus Zuck cage encounter has not been confirmed by Musk. The Tesla CEO has been frequently discussing his past injuries.

On August 6, Musk tweeted about the need to have an MRI scan of his neck and upper back before resolving a fight date. Later on, Musk announced that he requires surgery for his right shoulder.

“A problem with my right shoulder blade rubbing against my ribs necessitates minor surgery, and I’ll be back to normal in just a few months,” Musk tweeted.

A request for comment from Insider outside of regular business hours was made, but Musk’s representatives at X did not immediately reply.

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