Wednesday, October 4

MCD is persisting in its anti-dengue campaign and penalizing departments and citizens for negligence.

In response to the increasing number of dengue cases in the provisional State capital, the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun carried out fogging and spraying of larvicide in different parts of the city on Sunday, along with distributing challans to offices responsible for digging ditches on roads and keeping them open.

On Sunday, the MCD team inspected ditches dug by departments and service providers for construction of drains, road widening, and pipeline works. The water accumulated in these ditch was sprayed with larvicide by staff to prevent rainwater accumulation, leading to the issue of Rs 1,365,000 in compensation from those responsible.

Fogging was also done in various wards by the MCD, with the use of six large vehicles and 100 small machines. Additionally, officials reported that 10 boroughs across the city had used eight tractor mounted spray machines to spray larvicide in drains and other sites where aedes larvae could be present. This work was carried out in Dronpuri, Jakhan, Mata Mandir Road, Karanpur, Mehuwala, Chaktunwalak, Gujrada Mansinghwalaci, Race Course South, Vijay Colon

The MCD’s 12 sector magistrates led a campaign of twelve teams to search for mosquito larvae and eliminate them in 17 locations, as well as amassing Rs 14,900 challan.

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