Sunday, September 24

Miss Universe secures a win in Indonesia following purported strip searches.

The cancellation of the Malaysia edition of Miss Universe is also being discussed (Representational)

After facing allegations of sexual harassment, the Miss Universe Organization withdrew its Indonesia franchise.

The organizer of the pageant stated on Twitter, which was later removed from their website, that the Miss Universe Indonesia event did not meet expectations. Additionally, the Malaysia edition, also hosted by Indonesia’s PT Capella Swastika Karya, will be cancelled.

Poppy Capella, the national director of Capotica Swastika, denied undergoing any body searches in an Instagram post. She also stated that she is not willing to engage in violence or sexual harassment.

Miss Universe is currently reviewing its franchise agreement and policies to prevent such behavior.

According to Reuters, six contestants filed complaints with the police about sexual harassment during the Indonesia pageant, alleging that the organizers conducted topless “body checks” on them.

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