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Morgan Wallen’s ‘I Didn’t Like My Long Hair Anymore’ performance at an Ohio concert in the silver screen showcased his transition from long hair to a shaved head.

Morgan Wallen has reverted to his classic mullet and now prefers a shaved head. Is that any sort of style?

On Friday night in Columbus, Ohio, the “Last Night” singer revealed his new look. Not only has he lost his mullet but also lost all of his facial hair, making him almost unrecognizable despite his voice being a dead giveaway.

Morgan Wallen’s fan account posted a video in which the “Wasted On You” singer addressed the crowd at Ohio Stadium, saying, “I shaved off my long hair because I didn’t like it anymore.”

“A fan expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the gentleman let the liquor talk last night. Another fan quipped, “If I’m not getting my fair share of Morgan Wallen this September, can I still get a partial refund?”

A TikTok video elicited a comment from ONE fan, “NOOOOOOOW HOW HE CHOICED TO BANDON THE MULLET.” Another fan responded, “HOW COULD he DO THAT BEFORE CONSULTING US.”

Leila Grossman/Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville.

The exact moment when Wallen, who is 30 years old, went all brunette with his hair was unclear, but he still appeared in a photo during the press release stating that his Morgan Wallend Foundation had joined forces with Major League Baseball.

He appeared pretty pleased with his announcement that his foundation and MLB, in collaboration with its Players Association Youth Development Foundation, had each donated $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville to assist in the rehabilitation of the historic Parkwood Community Club in north Nashville.

The Morgan Wallen Foundation was established by Wallon to assist youth in both sports and music, according to a press release. He stated that he wanted to help children play baseball and participate in the park’s next game.

Wallen’s life was significantly influenced by baseball before he became a celebrity.

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Reloading the page and disabling ad-blocking software is recommended. Morgan Wallen discusses his new album ‘One Thing at ye Old” and his efforts to explore his hometown with APEC, an award-winning documentary.

ET’s Cassie DiLaura was in Corryton, Tennessee with Wallen in March, and the news of him visiting his former high school quickly made everyone tear up as he stepped onto his old baseball field.

ET, Wallen said: ‘I spent a lot of time working in this area and I think it really helped me get into the person I am today.

Wallen had not been back to the pitch in a long time, and he was emotional about his return, as reflected by tears on his face.

He said, “This is important to me. I never thought I would be able to do this. My life had always dreamed of playing baseball. Life changed and my God had plans, but I’m glad to be back here.”


The absence of a message from our sponsors prevented us from loading the video, so Morgan Wallen credits Fatherhood for saving his life after the scandal.

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The Idaho Murder Victim’s family is offering free concert tickets through Morgan Wallen Gifts.

Following his medical vocal rest, Morgan Wallen is allowed to sing once more.

Morgan Wallen expresses sadness while discussing his new album at his old baseball stadium.

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