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Nancy Pelosi has announced her intention to run for the House in 2024 as a candidate.

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On Friday, Nancy Pelosi, the former House speaker from California, announced her plan to run for reelection in 2024 for her San Francisco-area House seat, breaking political news after stepping down as the leader of the House Democratic caucus.

Pelosi announced his candidacy for reelection on Friday morning at a labor hall in San Francisco, acknowledging the strong values of the city and its reputation.

On Nov. 17, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker from California, declared that she would not run for reelection as head of the Democratic caucus in the Senate.

During a 30-minute telephone interview on Friday, Pelosi explained that her decision to remain in Congress was influenced by two factors: the needs of her district and her ability to maintain her high profile as Democrat before the 2024 elections.


“Our local challenges have become more prominent, as she stated.”

Pelosi aims to prioritize the development of a high-speed rail line that will link San Francisco to Southern California, as it would reduce car traffic and emissions while allowing workers to live in less expensive places. Additionally, she suggests that improving safety in downtown areas could result in more federal funding to address downtown’s crime and drug problem.

Pelosi has not yet made any commitments to serve on committees, but she believes that running for reelection will give her the ability to contribute more significantly to the success of President Biden and House Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Pelosi can continue to raise funds for her campaign account as long as she’s actively campaigning, and in a safe Democratic location, she spends the majority of that money on other campaigns, including $400,000 sent to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


In 2007, Pelosi became the first woman to hold the position of House speaker when she took office. She also helped secure a strong Democratic majority in the 2019 election, making her the second woman elected to the Speakership after more than ten years.

In November, Pelosi stated that she would not pursue re-election as the top leader of the House Democratic caucus and called for a new leadership team to take over from her.

Despite not serving on any legislative committee, Pelosi is making history by being a member of the rank and file with no official authority. No Democratic speaker has returned to the ranks of power since Sam Rayburn in 1940, and all but three of his predecessors retired from Congress within ten months of leaving office.


Nancy Pelosi resigned as the top House Democrat in November after her husband was attacked by a hammer-wielding burglar who broke into his San Francisco home. The attack caused significant harm to both her and her spouse, leaving her feeling uncertain about her political future.

The Post reported that Paul Pelosi, who is now 83 years old, has an additional 20 to 25 percent of recovery time from the October attack and a severe head injury.

She hopes to see him fully recovered by Christmas. She said that he is doing fine, but she believes she could have chosen not to remain in Congress if the path took a different one.


Pelosi, who marked her 60th marriage anniversary on Thursday, declared her candidacy for reelection while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of politicians serving well into their 80s.

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She has a recognized role in Biden’s campaign and is still raising funds for Holder’S group, which seeks to help congressional districts be redone.

She emphasized the need for all possible assistance, asserting that Democrats will win the majority and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) will become the first Black speaker. “I just want to make sure I don’t sit on it,” she said.

Due to the worsening mental and physical health of 90-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Pelosi has accused her of sexism for calling for her resignation in recent years. After spending time in the hospital with shingles, Feinsten was accompanied around the Capitol by one of PeLOSI’s daughters. The two families lived together on the same San Francisco street since 2002.


Pelosi has vehemently supported Biden, 80, as he gears up for reelection next year, in light of mounting concerns about his age. She stressed that individuals who are older than the average, such as herself and others, or have a higher chance of succeeding, must take into account their readiness to do what they are assigned.

She stated in the interview on Friday that wisdom and experience are valuable assets.

Despite her diet of hot dogs and chocolate, the former speaker stated that she remains highly active and agile. She asked if it was due to her fondness for chocolate or Italian food.

Republicans have been facing comparable questions in recent weeks after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had two public moments this summer where he froze up while speaking to reporters. McConenell, who suffered broken ribs and a severe concussion after falling in March, has attempted to alleviate concerns about his health.


Pelosi retracted her leadership position last year and stated that she did not want to appear as the “mother-in-law in the kitchen” over the new Democratic leaders. She became a political representative for Democrats without having an official portfolio and instead remained on active duty, raising money for candidates and liberal causes.

Pelosi has expressed her concern about the influence of her hometown in multiple interviews, with Feinstein, who is retiring next year, and longtime senator Barbara Boxer (D), who retired six years ago, from across the bay in Marin County.

Pelosi attributed her ability to play a significant role both nationally and internationally to the graciousness and generosity of her constituents during her event in San Francisco on Friday.


She stated that she has a good understanding of the Congress and the nation, as well as the city itself, which is why people have been reaching out to her and asking if she could extend their stay.

In December, Pelosi revealed her plan to move from a position of “awesome power” to one with less significant influence, particularly on women who may be considering running for office. She remembered that when she first arrived in the House in 1987, there were only 23 women out of 435 lawmakers.

Pelosi stated in December that she wants women to feel confident. This is why she occasionally allows herself to be more assertive, believe in her abilities and recognize her uniqueness.


Pelosi’s chances of winning in 2024 would be slim. Despite narrowly winning the nomination in a 1987 special election, PeLOSI has won reelection every two years to one of the most liberal districts in the country.

Despite facing several challengers in recent primaries under California’s 2012 jungle primary system, none have won the vote, earning only 15 percent of the total votes. If she wins next year, Pelosi would be down to 86 per cent by the end of her term in early January 2027.

Marianna Sotomayor was a writer on this report.

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