Wednesday, October 4

Nintendo Switch 2 tech demos and possible launch titles discussed in newscast.

On this week’s Eurogamer Newscast, we discuss the news that Nintendo is providing Switch 2 tech demos to developers, including at Gamescom last month. The new hardware from the Big N has now arrived, but when will it be available?

Which Nintendo game is expected to be launched alongside it on every Nintendo console? With the release of Metroid Prime 4 and its pricier specifications on the Switch 2, is it a good time for the franchise’s mass-market appeal? Or does Nintendo opt for an exclusive approach with less hype and more emphasis on 3D Mario titles?

With the upcoming game set to be the biggest of the year, we discuss the opening scenes of Starfield before spending an hour in the role’s creator. Ed Nightingale and Victoria Kennedy are among those who will be sharing their thoughts with me this week.

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