Sunday, September 24

North Korea’s officials are chastised by Kim Jong Un for their insensitivity during the floods.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un criticized officials for their inability to prevent damage caused by tropical storm Khanun, which hit Japan and moved across the country, according to state media.

The report cited Kim Jong Un as saying that the officials of the region were insensitive to state measures and did not take any action, resulting in significant harm.

North Korea conducted a dynamic campaign to manage the severe abnormal climate and requested measures to minimize damage. This comes after Kim Jong Un visited major munitions factories and ordered heightened production of missiles and other weapons, just before annual military drills were announced by South Korea and the US.

According to the KCNA, the North Korean leader visited factories that manufacture tactical missiles, mobile launch platforms, armored vehicles, and artillery shells. At the missile factory, Kim Jong Un set a goal to “drastically boost” its production capacity to enable the facility to mass-produce missile stock.

According to the report, Kim Jong Un stated that “the qualitative level of war preparations depends on the development of the munitions industry; as such, the factory has a very important role in speeding up the (North) Korean People’s Army'”

He stated that North Korea requires a formidable military force and is fully equipped to handle any war with the capability to completely eliminate its enemies.

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