Friday, September 22

PM Modi mocks opposition against the lack of a trust referendum in 2028.

The Prime Minister is addressing a no-confidence motion in response to the ongoing protests in Manipur.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, anticipated that the Opposition would attempt to make a second effort five years later in response to the no-confidence motion against his government and highlighted India’s position as one of the top 3 economies in the world.

During his speech in the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister brought to light the previous no-confidence motion brought against his government in 2018. He also stated that the Opposition would follow suit in 2023. BJP members were applauding loudly as the PM launched attacks on the opposition.

The Prime Minister claimed that Opposition parties have a secret boon that allows them to win any negative vote. He also mentioned the fact that 20 years has passed, and he believed this was due to his own actions.

“No matter which institution they criticize, their fortunes will be changed. India was on the brink of bankruptcy in 1991, but after 2014, it made it to the top five. If we bring back the no-trust motion in 2028, we will have a chance.”

Over the past two months, the protests in Manipur have resulted in the deaths of more than 150 people, and the Prime Minister is preparing a no-confidence motion.

The Opposition had been demanding that he speak in Parliament about the situation in Manipur, but when the BJP refused to concede, the no-confidence motion was moved to force the Prime Minister to address the Lok Sabha.

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