Friday, September 22

PM Modi shares pictures of the ‘G20 Gala Dinner’ hosted by President Murmu.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled some images from the G20 Gala Dinner held in New Delhi on Saturday. The event was attended by almost 300 guests, including heads of state and those invited by the Indian government, and was hosted by President Droupadi Murmu at Bharat Mandapam, the venue for the Summit.

PM Narendra Modi uploaded photos of the G20 leaders and other attendees on Instagram, with the caption “At the recent G-20 Gala Dinner”.

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The pictures featured guests like Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and US President Joe Biden.

Albanese, the Australian Prime Minister, used Twitter to tag PM Narendra Modi and announce a successful G20 meeting in New Delhi that was followed by ‘a constructive bilateral discussion’ on concluding the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement between Australia and India.

What is the definition of ‘GALA DINNER’?

At the dinner, the G20 leaders were served a variety of dishes, including jackfruit galette with glazed forest mushrooms, little millet crisp, and curry leaf tossed Kerala red rice. They also sampled Mumbai Pao, cardamom-scented barnyard milleat pudding.

The menu reflected the diversity of Indian cuisine.

The ‘Paatram’ starter, which is described as smelling like fresh air, features foxtail millet leaf crisps on a yoghurt sphere and topped with spiced chutney made from milk, wheat, and nuts.

‘Vanavarnam’, also known as the -Strength from the soil, is the name given to the main dish that features jackfruit galette with glazed forest mushrooms, little millet crisp, and Kerala red rice with curry leaves mixed with milk and wheat.

The dinner menu featured Indian dishes such as Mumbai Pao, a soft bun with onion seeds and wheat and ‘Bakarkhani’, an apple flatbread flavored with cardamom and served with milk, sugar, and rice flour.

Desserts included ‘Madhurima’, – formerly known as Pot of gold’ (poke made with flour and salt), barnyard millet pudding with an almond taste cardamom; fig-peach compote (sweet) and latte delicacy called _________ (red crisped rice) (“Ambemohar”), which are milk, millŠµt, wheat and nuts.

Kashmiri kahwa, filter coffee, and Darjeeling tea were among the drinks offered. The leaders were also given Paan-flavored chocolate leaves as part of their offerings.

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