Friday, September 22

Priyanka Gandhi is the subject of a complaint by the BJP over allegations of charging her with 50% commission.

The BJP leadership threatened to take action and filed a police complaint against Congress national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra over her social media post, in which she accused the government of being corrupt.

Gandhi had shared on social media on Friday a quote from ‘a small-time contractors’ association, saying: “We ask for 50 per cent commission in projects.

According to Gandhi, a group of contractors from Madhya Pradesh has written ten letters to the chief justice of the high court, alleging that they receive payment only after paying 50% commission.

The people of Madhya Pradesh have vowed to remove the 50% commission government from power, while Karnataka’s government had previously collected 40% commission.

BJP leaders filed a complaint with the crime branch in Bhopal, alleging that her allegations were false and threatened with strict action.

Accusations were made by Vishwas Sarang, BJP MLAs, and other office bearers to the Congress leaders for spreading false information on a daily basis in their complaint.

During a press conference on Saturday, Madhya Pradesh BJP’s president, VD Sharma, accused the Congress leaders of lying by circulating fabricated letters with an unknown name.

He stated that the BJP will take firm action against cybercrime, and Gandhi must explain the origin of the letter.

Kamal Nath, the president of MP Congress, responded to the numerous corruption cases in the state by stating that they are being recorded and created as a fake agenda.

The police are investigating the matter and have registered a first information report (FIR) in response to the complaint, as stated by DCP Srutakirti Somvanshi.

The FIR was registered under section 469 and 500, respectively, with the former resulting in forging documents and punishing defamation, and the latter in 40 other districts.

The Madhya Pradesh government, led by the BJP, faced allegations against Gandhi, state president Kamal Nath, senior party leader Arun Yadav, and others, with up to 41 cases registered.

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