Wednesday, October 4

Rahul Gandhi in Brussels expresses support for India’s position on Russia, citing opposition.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, affirmed that the majority of Indian opposition parties support the government’s position on Russia and Ukraine. He also stated that India has the right to maintain relations with any country, particularly India, over its oil purchases due to Western sanctions.

The statement made by Rahul Gandhi coincides with a PM’s endorsement of the Modi government’S position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Manmohan Singh, in an interview with The Indian Express, stated that India has taken the right decision to prioritize its sovereign and economic interests while also seeking peace.

The Congress MP stated that China is proposing a unique plan for the planet, where they excel in producing under political pressure. He also suggested that India can ensure democratic production while offering economic and political freedom to people.

Kharge was not invited to the G-20 dinner.

Rahul Gandhi was asked about Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s absence from the G-20 dinner during a press meet. He responded by saying that the BJP does not show any concern for him, as there is too much to be concerned about.

Article 370 is the subject of discussion.

Rahul Gandhi affirmed that the CWC has passed a resolution outlining their position on Article 370, which includes advocating for equal opportunities for all citizens to express themselves. He also expressed his belief that Kashmir should progress, develop, and experience peace.

The Indian diaspora and EU lawyers are scheduled to meet with Rahul Gandhi during his week-long Europe tour. The program is being arranged by the Indian Overseas Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s use of the phrase “India that is Bharat” perfectly reflects my personality.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his disapproval of the name “India that is Bharat” in the Constitution, stating that it is acceptable for him. He accused the government of using panic reactions as a diversionary tactic during the Bharrat versus India dispute.

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