Wednesday, October 4

Samsung announces the global release of its Galaxy Z Flip5, GalaxyZ Fold5, and Galaxy Watch6 Series, as well as Galaxy Tab S9 series.

Samsung’s latest range of foldable devices, watches, and tablets redefines the level of user experience among consumers.

Samsung Electronics has announced the worldwide release of its highly anticipated Galaxy Z Flip5, GalaxyZ Fold5, and Galaxy Watch6 series.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, stated that pre-order momentum demonstrated the early user response to the new Galaxy devices.

Samsung’s latest foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Fold5, are the most innovative products available. They offer unique features such as their perfect designs and flexible forms, including the Flex Hinge. The latter have set a new record for pre-orders in markets like Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, with 65% of buyers choosing the iconic GalaxyZ Flip5.

The Galaxy Watch6 and GalaxyWatch6 Classic have gained worldwide popularity due to their advanced sleep analysis, personalized fitness insights, powerful performance, and larger displays that promote improved health and well-being.

The Galaxy Tab S9 range includes three distinct models: the Galaxy tab S9. The series boasts of industry-leading Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays, an IP68 rating, and an in-box S Pen, providing a distinctive tablet experience.

The Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Zoe, Galaxy Watch6 series, and Galaxy Tab S9 series are scheduled to be launched in select markets such as Europe, North America, China, Korea, with additional countries’ launch dates set for September 29.

A range of accessories, including a Clear Gadget Case and Flipsuit Case for the Galaxy Z Flip5, as well as more refined colors like Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and Cream.

Two sizes are available for the Galaxy Watch6: 44mm in Graphite and Silver and 40mm with a gold finish. The GalaxyWatch6 Classic, which has curved rotating bezels, is available in 43mm and 47mm versions; Black and silver being the options.

The Galaxy Tab S9 line is available in two colors, Beige and Graphite3, as well as three sizes: 14.6-inch for the Tab Senna, 12.4-in with the Pencilnacle Touchscreen, and 11-Inch.

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The accessories are sold separately, and the availability of each model and color may differ depending on the country or carrier.

The S Pen Fold Edition can be purchased separately, with 2 for each. For the Slim S pen Case (included), which is only compatible with Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Zoll FX, and Galaxy Zircon 5G. The Preset Slims Pen Case and S in Fold edition come in three color combinations: Graphite case featuring Black SPEN, Apricot Spens,and Icy Blue case with Lime Spen.

The 3 Colors are subject to variation in market and carrier.

The Galaxy Tab S9 has a screen size of 11 inches in the full rectangle and 10.9 inches with rounded corners, while the Galaxy tab S10+ has an overall screen resolution of 12.4 inches.

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