Monday, October 2

Sea of Stars, an Indie RPG that is expected to be released early next year, will have a physical edition.

Sea of Stars, an upcoming RPG from Sabotage Studio, is one of the most highly anticipated indie releases of 2017, and it will be available for digital download on August 29, 2023, just like its predecessor. It will also be included in PS Plus Extra from the beginning of this year, giving gamers more options to buy or play online.

Sabotage and iam8bit have revealed their partnership for the game’s physical version, as announced today:

The device is equipped with an iam8bit processor.

—An example of how one might encounter a modern classic RPG.

Inaugurated in the early part of 2024.

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The details are not available immediately, but we can confirm that the physical edition will be released a bit later than the digital version. If you’re interested in having branded copies to display on your shelf, you must wait until early 2024. Unfortunately, that’s only about the extent of what we have at present, although you can check iam8bit’S newsletter for more information.

Have you decided whether to purchase Sea of Stars from PS Store or wait for the original release? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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