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Should India be concerned about the recent discovery of new Covid variant Eris in Maharashtra?

The new Covid strain EG.5.1 or Eris has led to a slight increase in Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, while the Omicron strain did not affect the situation and only caused fewer hospitalizations among elderly in recent times.

India must be cautious as immunity declines.

The possibility of new Covid-19 strains emerging is a matter of concern, as factors such as transmissibility, severity, and the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments are all important. However, there is no guarantee that these strain can not evolve into new strain due to the decline in Cod-mediated vaccination immunity, according to Dr Ravi Shekhar Jha, Director & HOD-Pulmonology at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad.

Dr Kuldeep Kumar Grover, Head of Critical care & Pulmonology – CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, notes that the new strain was first introduced in the United Kingdom and as such, there has been very few cases reported in Mumbai. The absence of any positive change or increase in cases suggests that this strain may not be a major concern for India.

The indications of Eris or EG5.1.

Dr Jha states that the symptoms of this ARDS are similar to those of earlier variants, such as cough, cold, fever, throat pain, and chest tightness, but it can cause lethal recurrence in immunocompromised individuals and some susceptible individuals. It is also more contagious than previous variant types.

The new co-variant of the Omicron strain, which is mild in its effects on those infected, may not cause significant harm. However, as Dr Grover points out, the spread of Covid strains is typically marked by increased infectivity and reduced visibility. Nevertheless, since almost every person has been double vaccinated and developed hybrid immunity, there may be minimal infection spread rate and almost no one has to go to hospital, according to Dr Glier.

Regular maintenance, such as hand washing and masking, is necessary in public places to minimize the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Dr Jha emphasizes that this can help prevent further outbreaks due to flu and fever cases caused by other factors like malaria, typhoid, and Dengue.

What measures can be taken to prevent Covid infection in India?

Dr Grover recommends a healthy balanced diet, wholesome living habits, regular vaccinations or flu shots, and following Covid-appropriate behavior such as wearing chow masks, staying away from crowded areas, clean up with personal hygiene.

Dr Grover stated that the strain has not caused a significant increase in cases, but public health officials must remain vigilant and take appropriate precautions.

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