Sunday, September 24

Slack employs artificial intelligence to streamline communication in the workplace.

The increasing number of businesses embracing remote and hybrid work setups has made it evident that maintaining numerous messages and threads in their collaboration tools can be difficult.

In response to this challenge, Slack, a popular online collaboration platform, is adopting the trend of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its service.

Statista states that its users, who number over 20 million, will benefit from simpler and more efficient tools that will enhance productivity and time-saving capabilities.

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By integrating with AI, Slack will be able to summarise communication channels and provide users with quick comprehension of the most relevant information, especially after returning from vacations or time away. This integration also allows for the expansion of artificial intelligence into message threads, ensuring that important messages are not left unnoticed.

The AI behind Slack’s messaging app isn’t just a summation — it also helps users find specific information hidden in their messages: they can ask questions, and the AI assistant will gather relevant data from messages, channels and files to create if needed.

In the upcoming months, pilot testing of the AI features will begin, and interested customers can sign up for the pilot on Slack’s website. Pricing details will be made public more soon, as Slacker is eager to gather feedback from pilot participants before making a pricing decision.

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