Friday, September 22

Son Shedeur leads Colorado as Deion Sanders dances, but the spirit of the event remains.

Deion Sanders dances during upset loss to Colorado, while Coach Prime leads the way for a decisive win over Nebraska.

Deion Sanders guided Colorado to a 36-14 victory over Nebraska in Week 2, marking an exciting stretch of football for fans. From bodyguard uniforms to sleepovers before the game, fans were treated to iconic dance performances.

In the win over Nebraska, Shedeur Sanders threw for 393 yards and scored two touchdowns with his feet. His performance on Saturday has brought his name back into the conversation about Heisman Trophy contenders.

The most unforgettable moments of a Colorado classic are presented below.

The Deion Sanders dance is performed by a Heisman hopeful.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback of Colorado, celebrates with his coach and father by performing Deion’s custom dance after scoring a touchdown. It was reminiscent of this delightful season.

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Coach Prime Slept in office on the night before the game.

Sanders revealed to FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff that he began the game day after sleeping in his office.

Sanders mentioned that he had slept in his office to catch a glimpse of the stadium and witness its transformation, leaving the office empty.

“I slept in my office to get some rest and get up close and personal with the stadium.” Tweets from @DeionSanders ahead of the Big Noon Saturday game between CUBuffsFootball and Nebraska.

What is the reason behind Deion Sanders’ frequent appearance on Prime Time TV?

The bodyguard of Coach Prime wears a remarkable t-shirt.

The shirt with a clear message was worn by Deion Sanders’ bodyguard during the Colorado-Nebraska halftime interview on FOX.

A gathering at Folsom Field.

Deion Sanders made his home debut at Folsom Field, drawing a crowd of 53,241 spectators, the highest number since 2008. The game was sold out for approximately $400, and Colorado fans celebrated their win over Nebraska by storming the field.

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