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Sunny Deol’s father, Rajveer Deal, explains that he didn’t want his son to pursue acting as a career.

During the trailer launch of Dono, Rajveer Deol revealed that his father Sunny DeOl and his family were against making acting a profession. He also mentioned that they were worried about the financial stability of Sunny’s career and wanted him to stay out of films.

The film industry is a complex and unpredictable field.

Rajveer, as per a PTI report, revealed that his parents had no interest in becoming actors and instead wanted him to pursue higher education.

The acting profession captured Rajveer’s imagination.

Rajveer revealed that he had a love for acting and was inspired by movies. He expressed his desire to pursue entrepreneurship by working hard, as his family believed that the characters would require more effort than just fame.

Rajveer believes that he is expected to win against a crowd of 100.

According to Rajveer, his father Sunny Deol taught him the value of perseverance and self-control. He also mentioned that he deliberately chose a romantic movie as his debut film to avoid being typecast in his parents’ images.

Paloma, the daughter of Poonam Dhillon, is starring in her first film with Avnish, Sooraj Barjatya’s son. Dono opens on October 5.

During the event, Sunny shared that he is proud of being a parent but also nervous. Dharmendra, who spoke on stage, encouraged fans to see his 1970 film with Rajshri Productions and Jeevan Mrityu. He stated that Dono will be able to stand up to the competition as it is produced under their brand.

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