Sunday, September 24

The 2.7 update of BGMI Redeem Codes for August 10 has been made available, so don’t miss out!

BGMI Mobile India’s 2.7 update is here to stay after an extensive wait for several weeks, including the addition of Dragonball Super and other game content.

Details are provided in the BGMI 2.7 update.

Join the Dragonball Super team and explore the new Dragon Ball Super-themed mode, where players must gather 7 dragonballs and summon the Shenron dragon to unlock mystical abilities. Additionally, the update includes a standalone mode called Battle Royale: Dragon Bliss, which introduces an all-new map and allows players to play as their beloved Dragonbolt characters!

The update comes with a new tropical map, an Ace 32 assault rifle,. 76 and bike, as well as ‘exclusives’ like the A1 Royal Pass which gives players access to items such as the Specter Slayer Set and Tangerine Drake Set.

BGMI’s developer, Krafton, is hosting a podcast with gamers to discuss various aspects of the update. On Instagram, their official account announced that “The most anticipated update is coming soon! Share your favorite gamers with the best updates in this patch!”

Don’t miss the BGMI 2.7 update!

The August 10 BGMI Redeem codes are available now.

BGMI redeem codes allow you to obtain free weapon skins, vehicle skinning, emotes and outfits as well as in-game credits or UC (the latest on August 10) and other rewards.




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What are the steps to follow to get BGMI redeem codes?

Begin by visiting the official BGMI website and entering your character ID for GBMI.

Step 2: Copy and paste the redemption code into the space provided for the in-game reward.

Step 3: Submit the captcha/verification code as shown on the screen and click submit.

The in-game mail can be used to collect prizes after completing step 4.

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