Wednesday, October 4

The Andhra court has rejected the house custody petition of TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu, stating that it would be safer for him to remain in jail.

Naidu has been a security protectee in the Z-plus category for several years, and he is always under the watchful eye of NSG commandos.

According to Jayakar Matta, Naidu’s lawyer, the Court denied him the request for house arrest, citing security concerns.

The court’s decision, as per Matta, is based on the fact that Naidu will not be provided with Z-plus security during house arrest, making it safer for him to remain in jail than at home under house custody.

The court indicated that house custody could have been granted to Naidu if he had the necessary Z-plus security.

As soon as the ACB court receives the order copy, Naidu’s legal team will transfer to the high court for house custody. The advocate stated that they may move to either the AP High Court or another court depending on whether it is Wednesday or tonight.

Following his arrest, Naidu was involved in a fraud case related to misappropriation of funds from the Skill Development Corporation, which resulted in an Rs 300 crore loss to the state government, as stated by AP CID Chief N Sanjay.

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