Wednesday, October 4

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 come with 64GB of Storage and dual rear LCD displays.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 has 64GB of storage, which is twice the amount of previous models.

The specifications page of Apple indicates that all models of the Apple Watch, including the Series 9 and Ultra 2, possess double the amount of storage compared to their predecessors. This means they have more space for apps and media, and it is believed that the new S9 chip will bring significant performance and efficiency advantages to the watch.

The Apple Watch Series 4, which has more storage than the original Apple watch, and its series 2 and 3, now have 16GB of storage, while the AppleWatch Series 4 had only 8GB. The latest model from Apple Inc., the Series 5, increased storage to 32GB and continues to do so through its successors in the series 6, Series 7, and Series 8.

Noteworthy also is that only a small part of the storage available for media such as music and podcasts, since Apple limits its storage on 25% of their total pool (meaning that newer models from this release cannot store more than 8GB of media) while users can expect to be able to fit 16GB in the new Apple Watch series 9 and Apple watch ultra 2 now.

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