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The Atlantic seas are being battered by Hurricane Lee, a powerful Category 4 storm with an uncertain endpoint.

Following Hurricane Lee’s Category 5 strength on Thursday night, it weakened to a Category 4 storm. It is anticipated that Lee will remain strong until the early next week due to uncertainty surrounding its possible path in the East Coast area.

Lee’s potential association with hazardous rip currents is being warned by the U.S. Coast Guard, especially for those who are in the American Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, including those engaged in boating, fishing, beachcombing or water sports.

Rip currents and increased sea levels of 10 to 15 feet are anticipated by National Weather Service advisories for the weekend along coastal waters.

Capt. José E. Daz, commander of Coast Guard Sector San Juan (Puerto Rico), expressed concern that people and boaters may underestimate the effects of this fast-moving storm. “The increase in projected sea states from 10 to 15 feet severely constrains our ability to respond to a maritime distress with the fullest utilization of our resources.”

Lee is in a state of relativity, not far from being classified as Category 5.

According to the most recent analysis on Friday, Lee has been experiencing wind speeds of approximately 150 mph over a sustained period, which is just below the Category 5 threshold of 157 Mbps.

How are humans categorized under the SAFFIR-SIMPSON HURRICANE WIND SCALE?

The storm experienced a surge on Thursday, shifting from threatening Category 1 at 80 mph to exhibiting Category 5 monster at 165 p.m. within 24 hours.

The 13th Category 5 storm to originate from the eastern Caribbean was Lee.

The weather report has been impressive for several years, with a recent wrap-up being the most convincing.

Despite being classified as a major hurricane, the storm experienced slight wind shear on Friday morning and depleted its strength, ultimately reaching Category 4.

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What will be the consequences of Lee’s actions on the US East Coast?

Hurricane Lee is anticipated to affect the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico with strong winds and rough seas by the weekend.

The hurricane is projected to move northward towards the southwest Atlantic after Sunday.

According to Norcross, Lee is unlikely to pose a direct danger to Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina, but the storm will produce high surf and strong waves that could cause harm along the coast.

Despite computer models’ predictions that Lee will remain offshore, there are indications that the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts may still be affected by the storm and future forecasts should be closely monitored.

“There are some indications that Lee may initiate a northward turn in the middle of next week, but it is too early to concentrate on specific model scenarios that will impact us indefinitely,” the NHC noted.

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Hurricane Lee’s projected path.

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Where exactly is Hurricane Lee?

Hurricane Lee is less than 565 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands, as reported by the National Hurricane Center.

The hurricane is moving in a west-northwest direction towards the northeast Caribbean and southwest Atlantic.

The hurricane is predicted to hit north of Puerto Rico and east of the Bahamas early next week.

How are humans categorized under the SAFFIR-SIMPSON HURRICANE WIND SCALE?

What is the current location of Hurricane Lee?

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What is the anticipated trajectory of Hurricane Lee?

Over the next 36 hours, Hurricane Lee is expected to move from west to northwest in its approach to the islands in the northeast Caribbean.

The cyclone is projected to move towards the north of the islands, but the northern Leeward Islands may be vulnerable to coastal flooding due to the rough seas it will encounter.

No landmasses have been issued with any current watches or warnings.

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