Monday, October 2

The attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers in Balochistan, Pakistan resulted in the death of two terrorists.

In Pakistan’s Balochistan province, armed rebels attacked a convoy of Chinese engineers on Sunday. According to local media reports, Pakistani security forces killed two terrorists in retaliation.

A group of engineers working for a Chinese construction company were attacked on Faqeer Bridge in Gwadar, resulting in the injuries of two Pakistani security personnel. According to reports, other terrorists fled the area in an injured condition, prompting ongoing efforts to clear the location.

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The Balochistan Post reported that the port city of Gwadar is still closed to traffic due to explosions and gunfire.

According to a media release, The Balochistan Post reported that the government has confirmed the attack on Chinese engineers in Gwadar.

The Balochistan Post posted a video on Twitter, which shows that Gwadar was still being rocked by explosions. The port remains cordoned off as all routes have been closed.

Citizens are requested to stay in houses.

The Baloch Liberation Army – Majeed Brigade, the suicide squad of BLA, has claimed responsibility for the attack that occurred today. The report stated that Chinese consulates in Pakistan have instructed their citizens in Balochistan and Sindh to stay inside their homes until further orders are given.

In May of last year, a suicide bomber wearing revealing clothing attacked dozens of people, including three Chinese nationals (tutors), in rioting inside refectors’ minibuses at the Confucius Institute in Karachi University. The Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack, which was the first of its kind against citizens of China, an all-weather ally working in Pakistan.

In July of this year, a bus transporting engineers to northwestern Pakistan was bombed, killing 13 people, including nine Chinese workers. As retaliation from Pakistan, the families of the deceased workers were offered millions in compensation. China has sent its team to investigate the incident.

Four people were killed and dozens were injured in a suicide bomb attack at ‘the Chinese ambassador’s luxury hotel in Quetta in April 2021 when the ambassador was unharmed.

The Chinese have significant investments in Pakistan’s Stock Exchange, which was attacked by Baloch separatists earlier in 2020. This followed an attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi in 2018.

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