Wednesday, October 4

The attorney for Kevin Federline has disclosed that Britney Spears’ sons were last heard from.

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Page Six has exclusively revealed that Britney Spears re-established contact with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, the lawyer of Kevin Federline, claims that the teenagers communicated with their celebrity mother “approximately two weeks ago.”

He is unaware if Preston, 17, and Jayden, 16, have been in touch since they relocated to Hawaii with their father and the rest of their family.

The boys were reported to have experienced “trauma” from the wildfires that have ravaged the Aloha State, as revealed exclusively by Page Six.

Victoria Prince’s husband, Federline, moved his entire family there earlier this month.

Kaplan stated that although they are not personally affected, there are individuals in the vicinity who are dying and their homes being ruined, making it very traumatic.

“The current situation is causing a lot of sadness due to the fires and casualties, but people are content to be present.”

Page Six has exclusively revealed that Britney Spears had a conversation with her two sons just elapsed few weeks ago.

The adolescent couple, along with their father and siblings, has relocated to California.

Page Six’s request for comment on whether the “Toxic” singer had attempted to contact her sons due to the natural disaster was not responded to by Spears’ representatives.

The recent disclosure by Spears, aged 41, that she has been in conversation with Preston and Jayden is a positive development as they reportedly cut off all contact with each other last year.

According to the documentary “TMZ Investigates: The Price of Freedom” that was released in May, tensions had escalated to a point where the boys were not responding to her messages by the end of the summer.

Britney Spears/Instagram: The teens have reportedly cut off contact with their mother, but now they are talking to her again in 2022.

In August of this year, Federline asserted that Preston and Jayden made the decision to boycott their mother’s wedding in June 2022 because of the media hype surrounding the conservatorship’ upcoming November 21st.

He added: ‘It has been difficult. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.

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The Daily Mail reported in December 2022 that Jayden expressed hope for a reunion by writing to his mother, saying, “I love you and I hope that things will turn out well with you.”

The exact date when Spears reconnected with her children is unclear, but it appears that she used social media to message her sons in June.

In June, Spears shared two nostalgic pictures of her with her sons from their childhoods on Facebook and Twitter.

On Instagram, she uploaded a nostalgic picture of Preston with the caption, “My first love!!”

In the same week, Spears shared a similar tribute to Jayden, including capturing narrator Felicia Stohlberg holding him in her arms as he emerged from Bethesda. She captioned the touching image, saying, “.”

Preston and Jayden are still very much excited about building a future in s new environment, making new friends, and exploring new opportunities, as stated by Kaplan to Page Six.

Britney Spears and Instagram: Sean Preston and Jayden are reportedly very excited about building a new future in Hawaii.

It has been reported that the teens will continue to receive their education, with one of them studying in Hawaii and the other pursuing a remote education at their Los Angeles school.

According to Kaplan, Federline is still involved in DJ work and has additional projects planned.

The possibility of the former backup dancer moving the Grammy-winning singer’s sons from California to extend child support payments was a source of worry for her fans. Under Hawaiian law, payments can be extended until age 23, provided they are full-time students at an accredited college, university, vocational or trade school.

Federline moved his family to Hawaii during the initial week of August.

Federline dismissed the accusations in June, stating to a paparazzo that “A lot of people say stupid things.”

Spears has always been comfortable with her sons relocating from their place of origin.

In a letter obtained by Page Six in May, Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, confirmed that she will not interfere with and consents to the relocation.

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