Monday, October 2

The ‘Audio Magic Eraser’ and blue imagery in the Pixel 8 Pro promotional video has been leaked.

The Pixel 8 Pro was last seen in live footage in July, and a marketing video has leaked details about the company’s “Audio Magic Eraser” device and its blue color option.

A new X/Twitter account, named “EZ,” posted a 14-second clip today that has been edited and colored in an unusual way. The clip is labeled “G Pixel” and looks like previous marketing videos from the same era.

Audio Magic Eraser, which appears to be integrated with the Google Photos video editor, briefly recognizes sounds within a clip and provides sliders for “Noise,” “People,” and “Music.” You can also use drag-and-drop capabilities on this filter in Google photos.

This short clip features a tagline that reads “The only phone with Audio Magic Eraser” and is followed by the phrase “This phone was engineered by Google.”

Google is evidently expanding its branding with the launch of Magic Eraser, a tool that can erase objects and alter colors with Camouflage mode when used in photos.

The Pixel 8 Pro is depicted in a light blue shade that is not significantly different from Sea on the Pixel 7a (depicted below). To the right, there is the flash and temperature sensor, but the camera bar is clearly visible through the metal.

The video begins with the Pixel 8 Pro’s rounded corners.

It appears that the new Pixel 8 series will come with an Audio Magic Eraser feature to reduce video background noise.

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